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Game developed by Codeminion
Game Published by Game Club Cafe

General support info

We can only provide support to our direct customers. If you purchased the game from other website than Codeminion - please seek guidance on the site where you downloaded or bought the game.

If you encounter any difficulties running, purchasing or registering Saqqarah this is the right place to look for answers!

Just drop us a line:

Before you decide to contact us, please read through the small F.A.Q section below to see if your problem hasn't been already explained.

Please also make sure that your game version is up to date. Current version is 1.19 for PC and 1.19m for Mac. You can check your version in the "Options" window accessible from the main menu of the game.


  • 1. I enter the registration key and it doesn't work.
    • Please be sure that you are trying to register the game that was downloaded and installed from the site from where you purchased it. Only then the registration keys can work properly.
  • 2. How can I obtain the full version of the game?
    • Simply click here. Saqqarah will be added to your cart. Just hit the 'Checkout' button to complete the purchase process but don't worry it is step by step, very simple and of course secure.
  • 3. I lost my registration key, what can I do?
  • 4. Can I buy your game in a box?
    • Currently Saqqarah cannot be bought in any shop in a boxed version. If you would like to have it you are welcome to buy it from here via the Internet.
  • 5. I can't run the game, what to do?
    • When you are sure you have the newest version installed and the game still won't run send us an e-mail describing your computer and the symptoms of your problem.
  • 6. I found a bug in the game.
    • Just send us an e-mail and we will get on to fixing the bug as soon as possible and when the problem is fixed - we will post a new version on this site.
  • 7. How to install SaqPack?
  • 9. Will SaqPack work with my version of Saqqarah?
    • SaqPack will work with any latest version of Saqqarah. Just make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest available version from the site from where you purchased your full copy of Saqqarah.

      Please also note, that the SaqPack is only compatible with the platform it was purchased for - either PC or Mac.
  • 10. How to re-download SaqPack?
    • a) Go to eSellerate After Purchase service
      b) Login to service (you need e-mail and order number)
      c) Now you can re-download SaqPack in 'Re-download'
  • 11. Can I download SaqPack for iPad?
    • Currently SaqPacks are available for PC and Mac versions of Saqqarah. Keep checking the news though, we might have a pleasant surprise for you!

Our 60 day Money-Back policy

We believe that Saqqarah is an excellent game, which will bring you hours of engrossing game play. High production value, a lot of individual polish and over a year of our daily hard work make Saqqarah a superb game - at least in our opinion. If you bought the game and you don't like it we are ready to return your money to your satisfaction. In the case the game doesn't work and you want your money back please give us a week of cooperation so that we can try eliminating your problem.

Please note that due to technical reasons we will be able to refund you 90% of your order (10% goes to the e-commerce handling fees and can not be refunded).

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