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Game developed by Codeminion
Game Published by Game Club Cafe

What are SaqPacks?

SaqPacks are expansion packages for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah that provide an additional set of over 500 levels along with new music, graphics and titles to get. Basically, it's like playing a sequel of Saqqarah, without paying a full game price for it.

Currently available SaqPacks:

For only $9.95 with each SaqPack you get:

  • A new set of 504 unique levels
  • Additional gameplay music
  • New hillarious ranks to gain!
  • New hidden hieroglyphs to find

Full copy of the original Saqqarah is required to run the SaqPack.

Far Eastern Frenzy SaqPack

Far Eastern Frenzy Screenshots:

Saqqarah SaqPack: Far Eastern Frenzy - Screenshot 1Saqqarah SaqPack: Far Eastern Frenzy - Screenshot 2Saqqarah SaqPack: Far Eastern Frenzy - Screenshot 3

Egyptian Encounters SaqPack

Egyptian Encounters Screenshots:

Saqqarah SaqPack: Egyptian Encounters - Screenshot 1Saqqarah SaqPack: Egyptian Encounters - Screenshot 2Saqqarah SaqPack: Egyptian Encounters - Screenshot 3

Monkey Monarchs SaqPack

Monkey Monarchs Screenshots:

Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs - Screenshot 1Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs - Screenshot 2Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs - Screenshot 3

How to install SaqPack

  • Step 1
    Start the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded SaqPack installer. Followe the on-screen instructions.

  • Step 2
    Launch Saqqarah by double-clicking on the original Saqqarah icon and create a new player profile by clicking below your name and choosing "Create new profile" button.

  • Step 3
    After pressing the "Play" in Main Menu, click the arrows to choose the SaqPack you want to play.

Congratulations, you're on your way to a brand new adventure. Have fun!

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