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Game developed by Codeminion
Game Published by Game Club Cafe

Saqqarah Update

VERSION 1.19 (Windows)
- fixed major problem in DRM system

VERSION 1.18 (Windows) / 1.19m (Mac)
- fixed the "access violation" problem in later Bast temple levels

- fixed a bug in mac version when there was "string not found" displayed
- performance improvment in the mac version
- fixed a bug in mac version: game randomly crashes

- fixed a bug when renaming profiles (the in game saves were lost and profiles were duplicated)
- game will not allow playing in windowed mode when desktop resolution is less then 1024 x 768

- fixed a bug in the temple of Bast with the Dark Symbol Of Seth on the third difficulty level

- added the option to play in Relax Mode with no time pressure (to enable create a new profile)
- made Thot's puzzles a bit easier and less scrambled on higher levels
- added the option to disable hints in several gameplays (swap, pop, chains and hand) as well as in bonus rounds
- minor bugs and level balance issues addressed

- foreign language support extended
- minor bug fixes
- initial sound volumes tweaked (music level increased against sounds)
- added more time to the later Rotate and Path levels
- glyph opacity adjusted in bonus rounds

- cinematic mode switch in temples is now smoother
- fixed a bug with saving games on some non english systems
- fixed a graphic bug with Sweeper appearing in the temple during tutorial

- added an explanation window when clicking on seth tokens
- made small improvements to 19th and 43rd levels of the Osiris' temple
- adjusted difficulty of the Osiris temple and made higher difficulties a bit harder in general
- fixed a bug with polygon clipping on some video cards with faulty drivers
- rebalanced Trophies

- logging system have been disabled

- more sounds have been changed into less agressive versions
- fixed a bug with time's up in the Bast temple

- fixed: anubis tutorial which would sometimes spontaneously launch itself on level 1
- fixed: charged token particle glow effects would repeat the init burst every 100 seconds
- when stuck in Bast temple (token paths) "No More Moves" is displayed instead of "Time's Up"
- missing strings in credits added
- small changes in game balance
- more changes in level board layouts
- gameplay4 music replaced with final track
- from now on first bonus round has a limit of 3 ietms to find per glyph
- more sounds have been changed into less agressive versions

- order of level tooltips stating next temple unlock has been fixed
- better directx error checking during initialization with error messages
- level counter on the temple wall does not increment prematurely
- final temple intro/outro soundtracks added
- final temple statue graphics added
- sobek temple levels (rotate) replaced with different ones
- small changes in game balance

- Various balance and level improvements
- Fixed a bug when switching between full screen and windowed mode with vsync enabled
- Mouse Cursor is updated in a different way and should be more responsive now
- "Welcome back" is not displayed after creating a new profile
- Default volume levels are lower
- Khufu talks two times less during bonus rounds
- Tutorial on level 1 in Isis temple has different event order
- Temples 2-7 don't have tutirials about shuffle and charged tokens anymore
- Tutorial texts in tooltips synchronized with voice
- Fixed mouse clipping bug when ALT-Tabbing on Windows 98 with wide screen resolution
- Some texts have been changed to stress diffrent puzzle types in different temples
- Shuffle Power on the first level is charged two times faster
- Bonus round hints interval increased and glyph opacity decreases on higher level bonus rounds
- "A new discovery" windows appear only once for each obstacle type during profile lifetime
- Score gained with matches in Rotate gameplay increased
- Fixed a bug with hints in the temple of Anubis and Osiris
- Fixed a bug which disabled shuffle power when resuming a saved level with tutorial screen not disabled
- Anubis Temple animated tutorial fixed
- Change profile button hoover sound is not played anymore while in credits mode
- Graphic bug with Diamond Seth token hilight fixed
- Fixed profile selection bug in the profile list with scrolled position
- Quick skipping of bonus rounds produced graphic errors
- Skip puzzle power in the temple of Thot sometimes did not solve the puzzle properly when multicolor tokens were on the board
- Mouse delay bug on computers with Radeon XPress 200 fixed
- ticks on the borad would not fade properly when not in high detail mode
- game window did no redraw itself when in windowed mode and out of focus
- OpenAL switched to software mode on default (some hardware drivers have serious bugs, for example SoundMAX HD Audio produces noise when resuming buffers)
- Tokens move a bit faster on the board
- Fixed a bug with hints in Anubis temple (the hints would stop after a while)
- Hints in the Anubis temple are slower and show a mouse icon on the first level
- Animated tutorial screen is automatically displayed on the first level in anubis temple if the player does not make a single match in 30 seconds
- Khufu praises the player for making big matches in the temples of Anubis and Horus
- Difficulty level info tooltip added to temples on the first diffuclty level (can be clicked, which displays an info frame)
- Temple unlock order changed to Isis -> Thot -> Anubis -> Sobek
- Gameplay names changed not to contain the "gameplay" word. For example "Token Swap Gameplay" -> "Token Swap Puzzles"
- In puzzle mode the sequence "one move left" -> "no go back" -> "one move left" is no longer possible when moving between moves close to winning
- Many sounds have been smoothed and reduced in volume to have a less agressive sound experience in the game

16 May 2008
Saqqarah 1.0 Beta released
no changes yet.

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