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Game developed by Codeminion
Game Published by Game Club Cafe

Gods | Khufu | Trophies

Lightning Spell

Each of Khufu's fingers generates a high voltage lightning that strikes some tokens on the board. It requires complete focus, hours of meditation... and carefully cut fingernails. Zap!

Token Charge Spell

Charging a token is not an easy task. It requires years of practice and many unnecessary explosions. Fortunately, Khufu's a natural talent. He charged stuff since he was a baby monkey!

Singing Glyphs

Well, to be honest, they don't really sing. They sort of whisper. But does this change the fact that additional charged tokens each 5 moves are a great help? Khufu says it doesn't.

Fireball Spell

Whooom... KABOOM! Yes, blowing tokens up is a great thing. But was it easy to learn? Nope. You wouldn't want to see the room in which Khufu practiced this handy magic.

Shuffle Spell

Tricks with shuffling cards are easy. Tricks with shuffling tokens are another thing. Khufu seriously considered just going down there and moving these pieces by hand. But that would seriously damage his reputation as a magician.

Time Boost Spell

"Time is points" Khufu loves to say. We find it hard to argue with. If only Khufu could boost your bed time the same way he does it with the level time... Eh, dreams.

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